Oh hai :3

My name is Nicole :3
Ummmm and this is my page! I mainly post things I find cute, funny, or has to do with Pokemon, anime, or video games I like. I'll talk to about anyone, so if you need someone to talk to... here i am!

Contractor: Juubey

Soul gem color: orange

weapon: gun

rival: Homura

Team: Saki Asami, Kaura Maki, Claire, Umika Uskaki, Kazumi

Fate: amnesia in a new world

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You can download Braixen Sai file here: link :)  Some people asked me if I could upload one, so here it is! I’m also writing a new watercolor tutorial but I didn’t manage to finish it and I won’t be at home for a week… I’ll post it when I come back. 

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